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Encounter one of the most historically rich regions of Portugal, from the vestiges of ancient civilizations to the sprawling Alentejo vistas.
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Full Day

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2 or more people


Revel in this one-day tour to one of the most historically rich regions of Portugal where you’ll find the remnants of several earlier civilizations, just as you’ll fall in love with the most unforgettable Alentejo landscapes. From the expansive farming estates to the magnificent view of Monsaraz over the Aluqueva reservoir these are likely some of the most beautiful vistas in Portugal.

We will begin with a trip back in time to uncover the notorious Almendres Cromlech, filled with menhirs and monoliths, dolmens and sepulchers; a truly prehistoric experience. In Évora, discover the ancient ruins of the Diana Temple, build in the 1st century AD, wander around the center of the city that was born from within the walls of a 3rd century castle and visit the illustriously spooky Chapel of Bones, built in the 17th century by three Franciscan Monks trying to create a symbol of the transience of life. Finally, allow yourself to be charmed by a walk along the banks of the Alqueva reservoir, the largest manmade body of water in Europe, stopping by the authentically Portuguese village of Monsaraz, home to what is quite possibly the best view in all of Portugal.

- Private Tailor-Made Tour
 - Private Expert Tour Guide - Door to Door Transport - High Comfort Vehicle - Free Wi-fi Available - Unlimited Bottled Water - Surprise Souvenir Gift - Legally Required Insurance
Not Include
- Meals; - Admission Fees to Monuments and Museums

Historical Town Centre of Évora → Giraldo Square, Regional Commerce, Artisan Crafts;
Ruins of the Roman Temple of Diana → Millenary Monument, UNESCO World Heritage Site;
S. Francisco Church Franciscan Church → housing the Chapel of Bones;
Almendres Cromlech → Pre-historic Park from the Neolithic Period;
Monsaraz → Typical Village with Shale Houses, Stunning View;
Alqueva → Largest Artificial Body of Water in Europe;

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2 260€
3 285€
4 320€
5 350€
6 370€
7 390€
8 416€
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→ Our Lady of Assunção Basilica See;
→ Local Wineries;
→ Cork Factory;
→ S. Pedro do Corval Pottery Makers.


→ Sublime gastronomy marked by the pork, lamb and bread of the region;
→ The distinctly Portuguese “Açordas” and “Ensopados” (Regional Dishes)

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